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Specialist consultation

With an experienced consultant who has been in the turf industry since 1996, Lawn Lab is well positioned to provide a complete lawn consultation service. In addition to premium lawn care, installation and maintenance offered by Melbourne Fine Turf, Lawn Lab offers:

Analytical Services-
  • Weed, Insect and Disease identification.

In most cases we will be able to identify the particular weed, pest or disease on site. If not, we can send it off to a labratory for further testing, additional charges will apply.

  • Soil testing

Soil testing can be used to assess and identify nutrient deficiencies, pH levels, and other factors in the soil that can affect optimal growth. Once these have been identified, Lawn Lab can assist with a soil amendment program to enhance soil and return it to best possible conditions. Soil samples are sent off for testing.

  • Water Quality Testing

Lawn Lab can test the water you are currently or intend to use to irrigate your lawns and garden and determine if it is suitable for plants. Water tests are advisable when using water sourced from a bore, reverse osmosis or is reclaimed. Water samples are sent off for testing.

  • Overall Turf Health
We can also identify other issues that may be affecting you lawn. Thatch, compaction and an uneven surface just to name a few. All lawns benefit from a renovation. Details of this can be read under Turf Maintenance- Renovation.

Integrated Pest Management (IPM)
Maintaining a healthy lawn requires vigilant monitoring for the effects of disease, weeds and pests. IPM is an environmentally sensitive process that combines a range of ongoing complimentary approaches to ensure that pest levels are maintained below an acceptable level.

Lawn Lab is a division of Melbourne Fine Turf P/L dedicated to lawn consultation. Call us on 1800 312 635 or email us via our contact page.

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